About Us


Shahrabiz Accounting Institute has started its activity in the field of tax accounting since 2000. With two decades of experience in the field of accounting and in order to increase the level of efficiency of companies and legal entities, we will focus our activities on outsourcing from the center of business activity. One of the goals of the institute is to achieve the ability to close accounts of legal entities at the highest level of standards required for tax accountability and periodic auditing. During this time, we have been able to gain the trust of our customers in a safe, sound and secure accounting method.

Complete Data Security

Shahrabiz secures your crucial information with the best encrypted algorithms to keep your accounts, data and personal information safe.

Every Minute Backup

Shahrabiz takes every minute backup for your data and saves it to cloud in a protected form. In case of any loss, you get your data back as it was saved a minute ago.

Financial Reporting

Financial reports help you to keep track of all your transactions progress. You don't need to wait for the month end to see the reports.

Our Clients